As part of our effort to share information about the technology that we use everyday, we will be posting and sharing articles on a wide variety of topics, and listing the applications and services that we know and trust.


Articles posted in our blog are geared towards both the standard user and the technicians who support them.  We want to educate our friends on recent scams, provide pointers on using that new operating system that came with their computer, and even share the really obscure fix that we were able to dig up for recently worked issues.  Articles will be tagged and searchable.

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We are often asked if we trust certain applications that folks come across, and where to safely download them.  There are many applications out there.  Most are safe, many are scams and scareware.  Every tech blog and website seems to have a list or several.  Lifehacker and Major Geeks are great resources, for instance, that pride themselves on sharing curated garbage-free applications.  Here is our list of applications and hosted services that we know and trust.

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