Technology Solutions

MaineLAN is a Technology Solutions company.  We provide consultation, training and support for workstations, servers, network equipment, software applications and hosted services.

Teach a man to fish  

Consultation in any type of support business is key.  We want to understand what your business is and how it functions, in order to provide solutions that will help optimize your organization’s efficiency.

Of course, having the tools at your fingertips is one thing.  Understanding how to use the tools, and the tricks to using them efficiently is another.  We want to help our clientele to be proficient with the tools that they use daily, so that they are not unhappy with the tools available to them, and to reduce their need to call for support.

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Services and Support  

We pride ourselves in the ability to find solutions to business problems with a wide variety of software, services and equipment.  We work with many technology specific experts and vendors.

We’ll help you get a website up and running, migrate mail and file storage services from an aging server to the cloud, set up and clean up network closets, and support existing infrastructure.

Our services

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