Hosted Services

In this day and age, housing your data and communications in the cloud is the way to go.  With your data in the cloud, it is securely available on just about any mobile device and workstation, from anywhere in the world.  With hosted telephony, you can communicate as if you were sitting at your office phone from anywhere, and without giving out your personal phone numbers.

Snowed in and can’t get to the office the day before a big project closes?  Work on that presentation or worksheet from home!


Our tool of choice for hosted productivity suites is Microsoft Office 365.  We can help you migrate your e-mail and file storage from an aging on-premise server to a fast hosted service managed by Microsoft.  Be productive from anywhere!


We recommend hosted digital telephone service called Voice over IP or VoIP.  With this service, if your building loses power during a storm, the servers hosting your phone service can make sure you do not lose business:

  • Callers can still leave voicemail, which can be emailed to you and played back on a mobile device
  • Extensions can be forwarded to a cellular phone during an outage
  • Staff can bring their desk phone home the night before a big snow storm, and work safely from home the next day.

We will connect you with a VOIP provider, determine where phone equipment is needed, establish how calls should be routed and provide one-on-one training on the available tools once the service is installed.

Digital Fax  

Want to get rid of the noisy old fax machine and the expensive analog telephone line that it requires?  E-mail based faxing is now the secure way to send and receive faxes, and is shareable with multiple staff members.  We will connect you with a vendor and help you set the service up.

Website Hosting  

Website hosting is more affordable than ever.  We can host your website and help you set up a content management system.  Use it to post your hours, explain what services your business provides, and share information about your field with a company blog.  Want something more elaborate or custom designed?  We will connect you with a trusted local web designer to create that perfect website.

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